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Products available from enviro drapes & shades:

An all-over thermal window covering that creates a softer feel to the room. You can choose fabric from our extensive range which we have in-store, from uncoated to blockout. (We can even use your fabric if it is suitable). We have a range of headings that you can choose from: Triple Pinch Pleat, Tulip Pleat (Goblet), Grommet (Eyelet), Tab, Box or Pencil Pleat.

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds allow the straight and clean lines of your home to be enhanced, whether they are fitted to the outside of the architrave (face fit), or internal of the window frame (recess fit). Controls for a roller blind have moved with technology and are not only available in the original spring control, but with a winding mechanism (chain control), which is either a metal or plastic chain depending on your decor & requirements.

The finish at the bottom of the roller blind can be in the traditional lathed or scalloped & braided, to the base rail finish. The base rail is available in a range of colours and shapes. These shapes can be round, oval, teardrop or flat with a fabric insert in matching fabric.

The range of fabric available for roller blinds is vast, from sheer lace, translucent, light filtering and blockout in colours to suit all decors.

Screen Blinds
These blinds have added a modern look to any home, old or new. They are the alternative to the traditional lace, offering the ultimate in light control and allow you to have an unimpeded view through the day without anyone seeing in.

At night when a light is turned on, the reverse happens, where the vision is from the outside to inside. To eliminate this, the screen blind can be teamed with a blockout blind, (also known as a double bracket blind or day/night blind), or drape/curtain. These will also assist with the thermal control as well as providing privacy.

The fabrics available can have varying openness factors which will assist in the blockout of UV light and help reduce UV rays which can damage furniture and floor coverings.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds can allow you to take the maximum amount of control of privacy, light, and sun into any room. They are designed to allow light & sun filter with the tilting ofthe blades.

Venetian blinds offer an affordable solution to any window and suit any room. The venetian blinds which are manufactured in polymer/polystyrene are resistant to moisture, making them suitable for wet and humid areas, as well as UV stabilized. Other components of these are the anti fungal and anti static properties which are advantageous for asthmatics.

Aluminium venetian blinds come in a range of colours and slat sizes, including slim line and micro. Natural woods can help you make a statement with the application to your window furnishings as they come in range of wood types. These include cedar and basswood, with colours to compliment your individual interior decor.

Please note, I would not recommended this style of blind for doors as the constant lifting & lowering of the blind will wear away the cord.

A vertical blind affords you the simple control of sun, privacy & light. With the vast range of fabrics available for vertical blinds, from translucent to blockout and decorative fabrics, these are an affordable product to suit any budget.

The operating mechanism can be either chain or wand, with a selection of finishes to the bottom of the blade. These can be weights with chain joining each blade, chainless weights or sewn into a fully enclosed pocket.

Depending on the application required and the space available, the vertical can be mounted into the recess (glass size), or mounted onto the face of the architrave. They can be a stand-alone window furnishing or combined with a lace or blockout drape if fitted into the recess. There is also a selection available for the width ofthe blade, with the sizes being 89mm, 100mm & 127mm.

Shutters are a uniquely styled product that will complement any decor with their sophistication. They have a timeless elegance to enhance any window. Shutters are designed to allow easy control of light and privacy as well ventilation.

True to "made-to-measure" claims, Shutters can be manufactured to suit a large range of window shapes, from standard to arch and many more.

Shutters come in an array of materials to suit all customer needs and budgets. From highly resilient ABS polymer to a waterproof wood composite and a range of natural woods. The natural woods include Normandy, Sussex (Basswood) and Amhurst (Western Red Cedar).

envlro drapes & shades is a supplier of the LIFESTYLE Norman Shutters). Shutters come with a varying range of attributes, from the colour of the product to the size of the louvre and motorized. Aluminium and timber shutters are also availarle for outside.

Panel Glide Blind
The panel glide (or drift panel blind) is perfect for large glass concertina and sliding doors as well as large glass areas. The sleek lines combined with the simple operation of the smooth sliding panels in the tracks can make this an ideal covering. Panel blinds are neat, unobtrusive, elegant and sophisticated, adding straight clean lines to your home.

The ranges of fabrics available for panel glide blinds are translucent, light filtering, screen and blackout. Your choice can depend on the desired look and function required for your decor as to the selection.

Awnings are the perfect outdoor protection for your windows that have complete exposure to the sun. The heat from the sun is transferred through the glass in the window, (even those that are double glazed), and is changed to a radiant heat in your furniture and floor coverings. This creates the need to prevent the sun's rays coming into direct contact to the glass by covering with an awning.

The benefits of installing outside awnings include controlling the ambience inside your home and reducing energy costs, privacy, protection for your floor coverings and furniture and controlling harmful UV rays and glare.

Awnings can be manufactured from canvas, acrylics, and mesh screen. All of these fabrics come in a range of colours, plain and stripes. The canvas and acrylics are a solid covering while the mesh screen allows you visibility out through the day. If you do not cover the window internally at night, the visibility is reverse, and people can see in.

Canvas offers the best protection with the highest rating for heat reflection, has an even absorption over awning, transmission through awning and shade when compared to acrylic and mesh screen. There are different styles of awnings available, including automatic and rope & pulley, to suit your needs.

Tracks and Rods
There are a large range of tracking systems and rods that you can use with your drapes. We can offer you a selection to choose from, whether you are looking for a cord or hand drawn track, a decorative rod or pole.

Padded box pelmets are available in different styles and shapes to suit your needs. Fully lined and covered in the fabric of your choice, Pelmets are designed to cover the top of your window furnishings and prevent the loss of heating or cooling. Pelmets can be decorated at the top and/or the base with fringes or flange cord, or with self piping in the same fabric or a contrast.

Roman Blind
A Roman Blind is a blind that hangs flat on your window when it is down. It then folds up from the bottom in a concertina style to create a stylish valance look when raised. Romans can be operated with a cord that has a heavy duty cord lock which you then cleat off, or a chain control. They are made from your choice of uncoated fabric in a style to suit you and your décor: Soft (Back Batten), Front Batten or Swag Base. They are lined with a 3 pass blockout lining during manufacturing which gives a thermal finish to your Roman Blind. You can use Roman Blinds as your sole window covering, or for a more formal look, use in addition to your drapes.

Bonded Blind
A Bonded Blind is a type of roller blind, custom made to create a unique product for your window. It is made by bonding your choice of fabric to a polyester blockout lining. Plain or fancy finishes are available with this product with the control mechanism being either a spring or chain control.

Swags and Tails
Swags and Tails offer an old world charm to create sophistication and elegance to your formal rooms and are custom made to suit your individual taste and needs. They can be mounted to a headboard, or draped over a rod in a semi-circular shape with a tail descending down each side. Fabric choice is unlimited with the versatility of translucent or blockout fabrics, and decorated with fringes, flange cord or beads.

Valances can add the finishing touch to your window coverings. They can be mounted on a timber headboard, a valance rod or on the outside track of a tracking system. They are available in a range of styles with one to suit your needs. The choice to match the drape fabric or compliment with contrast fabric, will enhance the overall look of your window coverings. The fabric can be lined or unlined, depending on the application.

Lace/Sheer Curtains
Lace, Sheer and Voile curtains are a traditional way of covering your windows. The term “lace curtain” is used to describe a curtain made from sheer fabric. They are an excellent addition to any room in your home. They add a soft warm touch as well as privacy when your drapes are open. These curtains can be used on their own or used in conjunction with drapes or blinds and can be mounted on a conduit rod, valance rod or spring wire. Also adds the finishing touch to your drape when mounted on the track with the drape. The heading for Lace/Sheer curtains can be pinch pleated, pencil pleated or have a rod pocket head.

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